SUPER BOWL FOOD - Appetizers, Tapas, H'ors D'oeuvres, Snacks

Having a Super Bowl Party? Need some new and fun Tiny Foods to feed the ravenous hoards? Here's some links to take you through the whole Super Bowl day - from breakfast to dessert! And all finger foods that will wow the crowd.

Egg Strata Squares
Mini Quiches
Sausage Balls
Potato Latkes

For when some dumb girl says, "is he shooting for a goal?"
Cold Potato Soup Shooters

For the manly man - beef it up:
Tenderloin Tidbits

A little spice for those dull commercials:
Aye Carumba Oye Vey Roll Ups

If you're Super Bowl food has a Tex-Mex theme:
Pico De Gallo
along with:
Mini Taco Salads
Black Bean Salsa Dip

For the purists at your party:
Mini Corn Dogs
Pigs in a Blanket

And the staples of Super Bowl - Nachos, Wings & Pizza:
Taste of the Island Nachos
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Buffalo Wings

Some Girly Girl Food:
Salad Caprese Skewers

or if they're getting a tad crabby over all the sports:
Crab Angels

if she's still crabby:
Diva Crab Salad

For that after game glow, some Tiny Food desserts:
The 3-Minute Cupcake
Grilled Chocolate Sandwices
Bird's Coral Island Cookies

Now, click on over to The Martini Diva today and get Martini Recipes to go with these munchies!


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  1. I think my husband will want to come to your house for Super Bowl! :) I love the new link to a page with all your blogs, very east to navigate!!

    Have a great SUNDAY!!!


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