MAC AND CHEESE POPPERS - Comfort Food meets Appetizer!

If you like comfort food you have probably gotten back into the recent Macaroni and Cheese craze.

Mac and Cheese is one of my favorites for good old fashioned comfort food and I've tried a bunch of new recipes - including Oprah Winrey's favorite from Delilah Winder.

However, even though I like the new recipes, I go back to the basic recipe from my Mom which is simply macaroni with cheddar.

I did discover this recipe for MAC AND CHEESE POPPERS that I just love. Not only is it comfort food, it's a tiny food too! Right up my alley!

The great thing about these is you can prepare them ahead of time and freeze some for a later date! I love it when I can tuck away a few nibbles for surprise visitors or an impromptu cocktail hour party!

These would go great with a nice glass of wine or one of the martinis from The Martini Diva! Toss in some cruidites for roughage and you've got a tiny meal!

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Appetizer Recipes for your New Years Eve Party

Just in case you need another recipe idea for your New Year's Party, here's a couple more. Remember you need both images for the full recipe!

And if you want to make your life easier, ask your guests to bring their favorite appetizer to your party! It cuts down on your food bill and you can get some really interesting additions to your buffet table!

Don't forget to check out THE MARTINI DIVA and DRINKS RECIPES at PopArtDiva.Com for great martinis to go along with your nibbles!

Have a Happy DIVA New Year and remember to get a designated driver, drink responsibly and eat moderately but well!

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If I had my druthers I would never eat a "meal" again. I would be surrounded by a buffet of teeny, tiny, itty bitty, bite sized foods of all shapes, sizes, cultures and flavors!

I love appetizers (I also love martinis, but that's another blog) and I have collected some great recipes over the decades. People rave about my h'ors d'ouvres, they gobble up my tapas, they chomp down my snacks and ask for more - the greedy little buggers!

Then they have the nerve to ask me for my recipes! Well, I never! So, to avoid having to write my recipes time and time again I have decided to post them on this blog and direct those piggys of puu puus here.

The added benefit of this is kindly folk like you will also get my favorite recipes (on free recipe cards), plus some cooking tips and tricks and some links to cooking apparatus!

So, enjoy, bon appetit, happy munching! P.S. This recipe has a FRONT AND BACK side!

TO DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE CARDS: Mini Size: Right Click images and "Save As" Full Size: Left Click image and then Right Click to "Save As"

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