I've been eating a lot of chicken lately and today I just couldn't face any more poultry so I saw this bag of frozen meatballs in the freezer and decided I'd make myself some Swedish Meatballs! You know me, I love my tiny foods - anything I can eat with my fingers or on a toothpick, lol!

I did this recipe up and it's great - yes, I'm eating them right now - so I decided to post them up for you for your Labor Day Parties tomorrow! They're easy, quick and are true comfort food, fifties style appetizers!

If you need some martinis for your party stop by The Martini Diva - I've got almost 100 martini recipes up already!


My Dad's Recipe for BLUE CHEESE DIP

Every holiday my father made his favorite Blue Cheese Dip. I always looked forward to this dip. He served it up on Ritz Crackers (as well as pickled herring, but I'm not going there!)

I never had the presence of mind to ask him for the recipe and it took me years of making it to finally get the formula down right. This is it. Creamy, pungent and absolutely delicious on any cracker or chip as well as wonderful as a fruit and veggie dip. Yes, fruit. Try this with some sweet, seedless grapes!

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PARMESAN BITES - Larder empty, guest house full?

I had some surprise guests the other day and I was low on groceries for tiny foods! What to do?

Grab some bread, some Parmesan cheese and a few herbs and get to work. These little gems were what I ended up with and they were good as well as easy! Everyone usually has some bread (even old bread can be used cause you're toasting these), some Parmesan cheese and some seasonings around the house most of the time!

Now try these out with my latest martini, The LIPSTICK KISS from TheMartiniDiva.com!

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Many of you know that, as well as being the Diva of Tiny Foods, I also have a personality as The Martini Diva. While having multiple personalities can be difficult - so many wardrobes, too little money! - in this case it's a good thing because it's nice to have some good cocktails to go with your tiny foods!

Recently I started a series of "Martini Recipe How To" videos and I've posted them up at YouTube as TheMartiniDiva.

I thought it would be fun to post one here along with the announcement that:
I plan to do a series of videos on "Tiny Food How To's - Making Appetizers, 101"! so, stayed tuned for the launch!

In the meantime, enjoy my latest Martini Recipe Video - The Perfect Cherry Martini:

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BUFFALO WINGS - Appetizers that wing some flavor into your tummy!

I love buffalo wings. I like them deep fried, baked and even grilled. The classic way to make them is to deep fry them to get that crispy skin but this method is almost as good and really cuts down on the oil used so they're a bit healthier! You can also use a low salt broth or a light beer to lighten up the recipe even more.

Serve these up with one of your favorite martinis from The Martini Diva and you're good to go!


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BLACK BEAN SALSA - An appetizer dip that rocks!

Black Bean Salsa - not only is this dish really tasty it's so healthy it should take all your recent food guilt away!

I like to serve this up with fresh Mexican Bolillo rolls, but it's great with tortilla chips too.

Incidentally, this can also be served over chicken, pork and even cheese enchiladas!

Try this one out with the Cilantro Martini from my site, The Martini Diva.Com (yes, Cilantro and it's great - but for this salsa leave out the ginger in the martini recipe!)

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SAUSAGE BALLS - Easy Appetizers with Basic Ingredients!

These are wonderful little finger foods that are great for a brunch. They're easy and they taste wonderful!

I'm really fond of sausage - it's a fact. Anything with pork fat just tastes better - ask any of the Iron Chefs!

The nicest thing about this recipe is that the ingredients are things most people keep in stock so you can always whip some up! I have sometimes substituted sweet Italian sausage for the breakfast sausage for a little more kick!

Try serving these with one of my fruit martinis at The Martini Diva™ - just search that site for any fruit you prefer and I'll bet I've got a martini featuring your favorite fruit!

This weekend I'm hoping to start my new series of Food Art with recipes and foodie language and funny food cartoons so be sure to check back for the first pieces next week!

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BASIC CREPE RECIPE - Perfect for stuffed appetizers!

Here's a great recipe for basic crepes - both savory and sweet!

Crepes can be stuffed with a lot of fun food mixtures, wrapped up like an envelope and served as fun finger food appetizers! Just make smaller crepes than you would for an entree!

I often use left over cold salads or left over meats and sauces as appetizers the next day!

Just remember to not overfill and to fold the crepe up like a burrito or an envelope to seal the good stuff inside so it doesn't drip out the ends.

Have fun thinking up some great combos or search this site (search bar is on the right side) for recipes like crab salad, curried chicken salad and more!

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