BLACK BEAN SALSA - An appetizer dip that rocks!

Black Bean Salsa - not only is this dish really tasty it's so healthy it should take all your recent food guilt away!

I like to serve this up with fresh Mexican Bolillo rolls, but it's great with tortilla chips too.

Incidentally, this can also be served over chicken, pork and even cheese enchiladas!

Try this one out with the Cilantro Martini from my site, The Martini Diva.Com (yes, Cilantro and it's great - but for this salsa leave out the ginger in the martini recipe!)

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  1. As a vegetarian, I eat lots and lots of bean. This recipe looks absolutely delicious and I love the added touches of the cucumber and celery. Hadn't seen those in a black bean salsa before. Creative and unique--thanks Ms. Pop Art Diva, I'm trying this one tonight!

  2. Hi Honey,

    You are always fresh and creative! Great job on the salsa.

    One of my favorite things in the summer is fresh peach salsa. I haven't made it in a while, but they do have it at a chain in the area near where I teach.

    I admit it, I like things on the sweet side.

    Love black beans, black bean soup with sour cream!




  3. Eileen - I love both celery and cucumber. I always put cucumber in salsas - and cilantro!!! And I put celery in almost everything because it gives a wonderful flavor.

    Sally - oh, I've been looking for peach salsa here - can't find any (which is what happens when you live in small towns). I wanted to cheat and save a little time on my Taste of the Island Nachos.

  4. Love Black Bean Salsa! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. I ADORE your site! The layout is cleaver, graphics are really wonderful.

    I used to make lots of tid bits by the dozen and freeze them, but now I rely on Trader Joe's.

    You have, however, sparked my interest with some wonderfully joyful recipes. Thanks!

  6. Leslie - Thank you! The graphics are done by one of my other personalities - PopArtDiva, lol!

    As well as my love of food I have a passion for art and graphic design!

    Oh, I envy you Trader Joe's! We're too small a place for them still, sigh.


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