Today is National Fondue Day and I just happened to have the greatest idea ready to post! You see, a few days ago I was craving something chocolate and something a little fancy to treat myself after a long day of dealing with redecorating chaos.  Since my kitchen was pretty much in shambles from my current make-over plans I couldn't really do much in the way of baking. Heck, I couldn't even dig my oven out from under!

What I did have was access to my microwave, some really great dark chocolate from Trader Joe's and some strawberries, mini marshmallows, mandarin oranges and these great little lemon shortbread cookies.  It then occurred to me that a fondue didn't have to be this huge, complicated endeavor! Here's what I did:


Chopped the dark chocolate into manageable pieces.
Melted the chocolate by 30 second intervals in a microwavable container.
(enough chocolate for one serving took about 2-1/2 minutes)
Poured the smooth, creamy dark chocolate into a cute espresso cup.
Arranged my dippers around my warm, sexy chocolate.
Dug out a little cocktail pick.
Dug in.

That's it! Simple, fast, delicious and fun!


And try out my Chocolate Fondue Martini to accompany your little fondue party!

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