Yes, you heard me right. A grilled chocolate sandwich! They are absolutely delicious, terribly sinful and extremely easy to make:

You'll need a good french bread or even a sweet bread like raisin bread, sliced. You'll need a flat chocolate candy bar, try to get ones that are no thicker than 1/8", and you'll need butter (you can use Pam spray if you like, but butter really adds a flavor element). You will also need a good griddle or a large non stick skillet. You can use one of those sandwich makers too.

Cook these just like you do a grilled cheese: Butter your bread slices, place several in the skillet/griddle, lay down enough slices of chocolate to cover the bread but keep it slightly away from the edges to stop "melt-over" to the pan. Top off with another slice of buttered bread and grill until the bread is browned and crispy and the chocolate is melted. Cut these into long 1" slices of triangles, place on a plate and top off with some powdered sugar.

Yum, these are really good and you can add other ingredients for more fun. Try spreading a little layer of marshmallow fluff on one slice of bread or add some thinly sliced bananas or other fruit.

Serve these up with my Chocolate Banana Martini and you've got a nice little Tiny Foods dessert party that will tickle the chocolate lovers in your crowd!


  1. Terri--

    How do you come up with these incredible recipes? This one is a "definite do," and I can already feel my stomach growling with anticipation. Sinful, yes--delicious--undoubtedly!

  2. Wow...a chocolate sandwhich.. really?? Sheeesh! I always leave with a craving after visiting your site! Shame on you!

  3. Eileen - you're going to love the Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches - just
    don't make them a habit!

    Karlyn - Yeah, I have now found a way to put chocolate in everything, teehee. Seriously, they're really, really good, but rich.

    Today I was making chocolate covered strawberries to take as a dessert to a dinner. One guest does not eat fruit so I grabbed some Oreos and scraped up the left over chocolate as a special treat for her. Never let it be said I wasted chocolate!


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