I was just posting about making stuffed olives for a friend of mine for his martinis on my Martini Blog and I realized I should also post my recipes here. They really do make wonderful appetizers as well as drink garnishes so here's a few of my tried and true stuffed olive recipes:

Tip: Always start with really nice, jumbo green olives. You can get the ones that are already stuffed with pimento (ugh) or you can get them plain but pitted.

My very favorite stuffed olives are Blue Cheese stuffed olives. You simply dry the olives then pack them tightly with blue cheese or gorgonzola if you prefer. I have also added chopped pecans to this mixture from time to time. I've heard of mozzarella being used also, but I think the blue cheese is a great combo with the olive.

Another favorite stuffed olive of mine is the salmon with lemon and capers. Very tres chic! (tray shiek, get it?) I simply marinate some cooked salmon with lemon juice and a few capers then stuff the olives just before serving time. Remember the lemon will act as a cooking agent somewhat so don't over cook your salmon. Or you can use smoked salmon!

I really love garlic stuffed olives and you can buy these, however, I have found the garlic tends to get a little limp in prepared, bottled versions so I prefer to make my own. I simply slice raw garlic and insert into the olive cavity. I let these "pickle" for at least 2 days for best flavor.

You can use other veggies too like carrots, asparagus, onions and even half a cherry tomato. And you can use roasted peppers and sun dried tomatoes too. I've even stuffed olives with other varieties of olives!

I've stuffed olives with cream cheese combined with a host of other ingredients including bacon, herbs and veggie mixtures. I have also stuffed olives with cubes of pepperoni and salami.

Use your imagination and have some fun with your olives and your ingredients. There's nothing better than an olive for tiny foods and you get the added health benefits that olives are famous for!


  1. My fav stuffed olives are the feta cheese - yumm! i just got some last night in fact. :)

  2. Karlyn, yes Feta is especially good to stuff in a kalamata olive!


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