PICO De GALLO - Fresh Tomato-Cucumber Salsa

When I make tacos, fajitas or any other Tex-Mex dish I always make my special Pico De Gallo to go with it as the salsa. I don't like salsas from jars - I love the fresh, crisp Salsa Picada style condiment much better. And it's not hard to make at all!

By the way, some fun food trivia - Pico De Gallo translates into 'rooster's beak':

One of the sources for the name "rooster's beak" could be the beak-like shape and the red color of the chilis used to make it. According to Sharon Tyler Herbst[1], it is so called because originally it was eaten with the thumb and forefinger, and retrieving and eating the condiment resembled the actions of a pecking rooster. - Wikipedia
You'll see from my recipe card above that I use a good amount of cucumber and cilantro because I love these flavors. You can always play with ingredients in this recipe - salsas are very personal tastes - BUT. . . . .

I developed a new martini (you will love this cocktail!) based on this Pico De Gallo recipe - The Gazpacho Martini, and that recipe really does have to have the cucumber and cilantro! Try it out and serve it with some of this salsa and chips!


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  1. Hi,

    You have a very unique and inventive site. I like that you provide the recipe cards, and they're so colorful too! A definite standout among food blogs.

    Thanks for adding us as a friend on Foodbuzz. We welcome you to come visit our site!


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