I bought my first bunch of asparagus the other day and had a whole plateful for dinner. I love asparagus and can eat it steamed with just a little butter, salt and pepper. I ate most of it but had a few stalks left over that I didn't cook so the next day I decided to try making an appetizer with them and the tomatoes I had to use before they went bad. These Asparagus rolls are the result.

It's simple enough - just cook the asparagus a little - remember they'll cook more when you bake them in the rolls - add some other fun ingredients that you can wrap around them, snuggle them all in some kind of pastry dough and bake! Then serve them up with some of your favorite savory sauces and you've got an elegant h'ors d'oeuvre from leftovers!

Try them out with some variations of your own - if you find a really creative combo let me know about it here!
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  1. My mouth is watering! However, I have to say, being stalked by asparagus sounds like a "bad pizza dream." You know, the kind where you ate too heavy before falling off, and now strange food items are ganging up on you, causing nightmares of beasts from your refrigerator! At least I'll know to turn around and take a tasty chomp out of this one. :)

  2. Joyce - I'd rather be stalked by asparagus than cauliflower, lol. But isn't it nice you can turn the "table" on this stalker and take a bite out of it?


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