ITALIAN SAUSAGE VEGGIE BAKE - Miniaturize Your Meals into Appetizers!

No, this is not an appetizer recipe! But it's really good and I made appetizers from the leftovers!

I baked this up for dinner on Friday and had enough left for several more meals. Now, I can handle the same dish two days in a row, three if I love it, but after that it's time to send it to the big trash can in the sky (or freeze it for another day.)

But Saturday a friend stopped by to horn in on one of my weekly martini experiments for The Martini Diva - she's well aware I do a lot of my "mixology" on Saturday afternoons and likes free booze! I don't mind because I use her as my experimental lab rat for testing my latest cocktail concoctions! A fair trade!

I always like to serve up a little "Tiny Food Diva" nosh to complement my newest martini but I was not up to a lot of cooking, I just wanted to get to the martini. So I did my fridge grazing, spied the sausage-veggie bake and thought - hmmmm!

I grabbed some cocktail toothpicks, cut my bake elements into bite sized pieces and speared a bite of each ingredient with a toothpick, adding a few grape tomatoes to the mix, popped them in a baking dish, dusted the whole shebang with some Parmesan cheese and heated them up at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Not only were they a hit, they were easy and I used leftovers! So, think about some of your entrees as Tiny Foods and get a little creative with what's sitting in your fridge tonight!

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  1. OMG!! This sounds so good!! Can't wait to try it.

  2. Pat - It is good - I do this every couple of weeks or so. I'm particularly fond of the sweet potato element.


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