I was really desperate for something crunchy and salty the other day and I didn't want chips or crackers. I opened up my cupboard - doing the grazing thing - and lo' and behold there before me was a box of Corn Chex!

I do not eat cereal for breakfast. I occasionally like to have cereal for dinner - very occasionally. So cereal can go stale on me and at almost $5 a box that's just not kosher! I always have the other ingredients on hand for this timeless snack so I went and grabbed my goodies and baked up a nice large batch of Chex Mix!

Mine did not have all 3 grains but I'm not fond of wheat Chex anyway so not a great loss to me! A little over an hour later and I had a big baggie full of a snack that I've loved for decades! Have a little retro comfort snack with your martinis tonight!

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  1. Good idea, Terri. I hadn't thought of doing this. Now, if you can find something neat to do with Frosted Mini-Wheats, I would be forever grateful.

  2. Frosted Mini Wheats? What, do you have a free one year supply???

    Do you remember marshmallow treats? You took rice crispies and marshmallow fluff and made them? I wonder could you do the same with Frosted Mini Wheats?

    You could also get some skewers, and use the mini wheats with some fruit,marshmallows or other things kids like and make some Kiddie Appetizers for afterschool!


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