SAVE THE SHROOMS! - Marinated Mushrooms

I got a good deal on some button mushrooms the other day and grabbed them up because I love sauteed mushrooms.

I'll toss my mushrooms in a saute pan, sprinkle them with EVO (that's extra virgin olive oil to those of you who don't watch Rachel Ray), toss in a little butter and some chopped fresh garlic. When the garlic is looking nice and caramelized I pour some good red wine over the little buggers and reduce the sauce down. Yum, I could eat the whole pan but I usually have to share.

The amount of mushrooms I bought was going to be too much to saute in a couple of days, even for me and I wondered if I was going to end up tossing out shriveled mushrooms in a day or so. Then I got a bright little idea! Why not marinate the rest?

My father used to marinate mushrooms and I loved them. I love anything marinated or pickled (well, almost!) I ate sweet pickle sandwiches on (omg!) Wonder Bread when I was a kid - my family knew I was demented from that moment on. My father always had pickled herring at the holidays and served it up on Ritz crackers. That is my culinary ancestry - not terribly auspicious, but I yam what I yam. . . . .

I was thinking of marinating them in teriyaki sauce but, alas, I went to the fridge and no teriyaki! But I did have soy sauce and - what did I spy? - a bottle of Paul Newman's Raspberry and Walnut vinaigrette dressing! So, I grabbed it and the soy and proceeded to mix them together in a bowl - about 1 cup of Paul's dressing and about 1/3 a cup of soy, or thereabouts. Then I added some salt, a little pepper, a bit of garlic powder and I dumped in the mushrooms.

I tossed the whole thing around until the mushrooms were completely submerged in the marinating mixture, covered the bowl with that new cling wrap that seals it self up and put it in the fridge overnight. I did grab a couple of mushrooms and popped them in my mouth to test the marinade and it was really good! Not teriyaki, but something completely original.

I've been munching on these with my little meat, cheese and cracker lunches for the last few days. Marinated mushrooms are a great little accent for a meat plate or Charcuterie platter and they can be added to a gourmet pizza, grouped on skewers and just popped in the mouth!

Plus I did not toss out any shriveled up 'shrooms this week!

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