The $25,000 Sundae?

So I'm checking my mail and Yahoo has a video posted that says "$25,000 Dessert" and you know I'm gonna click on that to see what makes a dessert that expensive!

This dessert is a chocolate sundae (for $25,000 it better be chocolate!) but the kicker is the gold leaf lining the dessert glass and sprinkled on top, as well as the shavings of black truffle. The dessert comes with an 18 karat gold spoon and "crown" (a ringlet of gold around the dish stem) but no one mentioned whether or not you get to keep those!

It's being present by Serendipity in New York who give it the title "Frrrozen Haute Chocolate". Personally, for $25,000 I would have hoped for a more imaginative name - I guess all those "r's" are worth the extra zeros. . . .

This much I can tell you - edible gold leaf runs about $25 to $30 for around 100mg and real black truffles ran around $1,200 to $2,000 per pound a few years ago - and you could get bargain basement black truffles wholesale for around $200 - $400. Of course inflation and the current economy could easily double that price but seriously how much black truffle did he use on a sundae? It's a pretty earthy flavor to dump on chocolate! I use edible gold leaf in one of my martini recipes - The Millionaire Martini and I give them away!

So, now I'm wondering - just how darn expensive was the chocolate ice cream and the whipped cream????? Labor didn't add that much - what's it take to toss a sundae together - 5 minutes, 10 tops!

I'm in the wrong business - I need to open up an ice cream parlor!

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