CHEESECAKE POPS - Dipped in Chocolate!

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Dipped in Dark Chocolate!

I was tweeting and posting on Facebook how I made Cheesecake Pops and everyone has been tweeting and FBing me back asking for the recipe.  It's actually pretty easy to make the pops, the cheesecake takes a bit more work but it's well worth it.  Here's what I did:

  • I made my favorite cheesecake the other day based on a clone recipe for Lindy's Cheesecake (you can find the recipe for the Lindy's Cheesecake Recipe Here under L at TheMartiniDiva.Com) BUT I didn't do the crust and I baked just the cheesecake itself in a regular glass baking dish that had been well greased.
  • When it was baked and cooled I scooped out little balls with my melon baller, rolled them tighter with my palms and set them a parchment paper lined flat dish.
  • I stuck in some sticks then froze them for a few hours.  This helps them from dissolving when you dip them in the hot, melted chocolate.
  • I took a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and melted them in a double boiler.  When the chocolate was completely melted and smooth I turned off the heat but kept the bowl in the hot water.  This keeps the chocolate nice and melted while you dip
  • Then I simply dipped my cheesecake balls in the chocolate, tapped them a bit to get any excess off and set these on a clean parchment lined platter and put them in the fridge to harden up.
That's it, simple as can be AND if you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own cheesecake you can try out Kraft's Philadelphia Cheesecake that you can buy in the grocery store!  I haven't tried that shortcut yet - that cheesecake is not as dense as my recipe so I suspect you might not be able to roll the cheesecake balls at all but will have to scoop them only to freeze them.  If you try this let me know how it works for you, I'm getting some at the grocery store today and giving it a whirl myself later this week.
Enjoy and be sure to stop by TheMartiniDiva.Com for some great Dessert Martinis you can serve with these Cheesecake Pops - I have a great Strawberry Cheesecake Martini and a ton of Chocolate Martinis that would be perfect for these!

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  1. UPDATE: I couldn't find the Philly Cheesecake at my local grocers. I think it's still being made just not sold in this area. It comes in a tub similar to a regular cheesecake tub but much larger. I once saw it in chocolate cheesecake too!


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