POP ART CUPCAKES? Turn your cupcakes into an art form!

I've said it before - as the POP ART DIVA I will Pop Art just about anything! I made Pop Art Diva cookies, I recently turned my toes into Pop Art and now I've gone and made POP ART CUPCAKES!

For my birthday I stopped at a Gourmet Cupcake Shop. The cupcakes were delicious and I got to decorate one for my self and had a blast! I've been jonesing for cupcakes since and decided to make some the other night but, being an artist, I couldn't just frost them - I had to turn them into Pop Art:

I am not much of a baker nor do I do cake decorating - I don't have all the fancy tips, pastry bags and bells & whistles but where there's a will there's a way.

Yes, I used a box mix. Hey, it was late and I was lazy, sue me - like I said I'm not a baker, I'm just an artist who loves food! So, I baked up my cupcakes and let them cool while I got my frosting ready (yes, ready made - didn't I just say I'm lazy??). I made Devil's Food cupcakes and chose Vanilla frosting. Here's what I did to turn them into POP ART CUPCAKES:
  • I mixed up 4 colors of frosting in small bowls - enough each to frost 3 cupcakes. I also kept part of the frosting white.
  • I got out 5 small baggies and spooned in about 3 tablespoons or so of each of the colored frostings and the white into them. I pushed the frosting down to one corner of the bag, twisted the top to seal it and then cup a teeny tiny hole in the corner - voila, instant piping bag!
  • Then I frosted the tops of all the cupcakes with my different colored frostings - I always bring the frosting down to the cupcake paper, it helps keep the cupcake moist for a couple of days!
  • Then I just started having fun piping on polka dots, lines, swirls or whatever in different colors!
  • I also had a nice assortment of rainbow colored jimmies (sprinkles - I keep these around for rimming my martini glasses!) and carefully sprinkled them where I wanted them - sometimes I did the edges, sometimes a whole area and sometimes just lightly across the top.
And there you have them - POP ART CUPCAKES! I had a little Cupcake Party (because I had 24 cupcakes!) and everyone loved them - yes, I ate way too many.


  1. Awesome! If you want to make the bottom layer of frosting a smoother canvas for your art you can put some of the frosting in a lass measuring cup or similar and microwave it for about 10 seconds. Add time by 5 seconds until it is the consistency of school glue. Then? Dip your cupcakes in them.

    There you have it - a smooth canvas!

  2. Tammigirl - thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    It's funny - I just discovered you could do that by accident! I made pistachio cupcakes and wanted chocolate frosting on a few but it had been in the fridge and I wanted my cupcake right then so I nuked it. It came out just like you said and I discovered I could dip my cupcakes in it!

    At least now I have the right timing thanks to you - I'd forgotten how long I nuked it, lol!


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